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    Jiangsu Win Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Win Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jintongling Technology Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300091), a listed company controlled by Nantong State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. It specializes in domestic and foreign thermal power, waste heat power generation, waste power generation, and biomass power generation. , blast furnace gas power generation and other projects, is a comprehensive company integrating engineering design consulting, equipment manufacturing, engineering general contracting, investment and operation and other life-cycle integrated services. With energy saving and emission reduction as the core, the company is committed to the development of new energy, resources and environment technologies. The company has Class B qualification for new energy power generation design and has more than 40 national patents. At present, more than 60 EPC engineering general contracting projects at home and abroad have been completed. In January 2017, the company was recognized as "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise" and "Shanghai Little Giant Enterprise", and in October 2021, it won the honor of "Shanghai Energy Conservation Service Five-star Enterprise".

    Its subsidiary Shanghai Industrial Boiler (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating consulting, research and development, production, sales, installation and engineering services for boiler and pressure vessel products with a history of 90 years. Now it holds A-level boiler manufacturing license, A2-level pressure vessel manufacturing license, ASME "S", "U" steel stamp authorization certificate and high-tech enterprise.

    Shanghai Win Energy has accumulated rich experience and strength in the general contracting of energy projects, and has professionals in engineering design, project procurement, construction, project management, operation services, etc., and has formed a complete general contracting construction organizational structure system. In the past three years, the company has completed 37 energy engineering general contracting projects and 38 waste heat power generation projects. It has implemented the "One Belt, One Road" policy and is committed to developing overseas markets. The projects are distributed in India, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Pakistan and other countries. Relying on the platform and brand advantages of listed companies, the company will form a complete industrial chain with important equipment such as steam turbines, compressors, fans, etc., respond to the national "dual carbon" policy, commit to the system integration of green energy and comprehensive energy, and join hands with all sectors of society. Contribute to the development of the new energy industry!
    More than 40 items
    Has more than 40 national patents

    More than 60 items
    More than 60 EPC engineering
    generalcontracting projects at
    home and abroad
    Five-star enterprise
    "Shanghai Five-star Enterprise of
    Energy Saving Service" honor


    Technical major

    Multiple technologies
    Experience and strength
    Continue to innovate

    Hand in hand
    For development
    Make another contribution

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